“After my accident in 2015, the doctor said I will never walk again, but I thought to myself that he is not God. To me, the doctor is just making an assumption, it is not a fact and this made me fight harder to never stop believing in myself. I took small steps daily to learn to walk, sit, and move from the wheelchair to my bed, accumulating little achievements to achieve my goals. Of course, there were times when I broke down but I learned to overcome it by observing the pain, staying calm, embracing the pain and never letting it control me.

In July 2018 after 4 years of rehabilitation, I managed to walk again with aid and recently, I walked up the stage to receive my scroll at my graduation ceremony. It is the case of mind over matter. Being different now, I face a lot of judgement when I go out, but I never feel that way in QI. My colleagues in the QI Tower have never treated me differently from the day I joined, giving me a sense of belonging. I feel like another human being here. They have shown me that my difference is truly no different and no less at all. I am happy that there is a peaceful place called the QI Group that has given me the motivation to wake up and show up every day.

The disabled-friendly QI Tower also allows me to drive my modified car to work, to carry my wheelchair all by myself into the car and to easily get to my workstation to do what I enjoy. When I got the opportunity to meet our Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaran, I was tearing up as I felt an unexplainable connection to his aura. There was no judgement in him and I can see that this has trickled down to each and every employee in QI. I believe that the world will truly be a better place when we become the change we wish to see and always remember to be kind to everyone we meet.”

Jeslinda Paul is an Accounts Executive in our Finance Department who plans to travel the world in her wheelchair, sharing one kind act and turning a frown to a smile, one person at a time