The voice of QI Group, serving our global customers’ needs since 1999!

“I joined QI when the company was a year old and it feels like in a blink, I’ve been here for 20 good years! Come to think about it, I’ve celebrated all 20 of my birthdays here with the QI Family. I’ve surely grown with the group as much as the team has with me.

From a small department then, to operating on an entire floor in our very own QI Tower, we’ve surely come a long way. Being a part of the Global Support Center (GSC) team gives me so much joy, because each day when I leave the office, I know that as a team we have served on behalf of the group and responded to those who have never met us, but trust us as the voice of QI. It gives us so much pride to be the one to answer your calls or reply your emails. The amazingly diverse department today is made of team members from over 30 nationalities, dedicated to serve you in your very own languages, who work around the clock attending to your queries. I can confidently say that while the customers of tomorrow are still asleep, the GSC team is preparing to serve you and are gearing up to provide the best customer experience!”

Michael Sia is our Global Support Center, Manager from the Philippines