Why Join Us?

We are a fun-loving, life-embracing and culturally diverse organisation that brings together a massive multi-cultural global customer base for one simple but powerful pursuit – to change lives. Our fast-paced, ever-changing and ever-growing corporate environment is driven by our corporate heartbeat – Raise Yourself to Help Mankind that lets us make a difference in ways we never knew we could.

People are our greatest assets. Be part of a culture where employees go beyond discussing the company values and actually LIVE them. We believe that companies don’t succeed, but people do. That’s why we invest in our people!

Our customers and our communities are our inspiration to be excellent in everything that we do. So, we never stop developing new learning opportunities and skills that can help us meet future demands. For us, social responsibility is a serious business  – we are committed to supporting our communities through various development initiatives and are always finding new ways to do our bit for the planet.

Novel, inventive and innovative ideas make us smile. Effective and efficient work performance makes us excited. Extraordinary results make us dance. Meaningful friendships and generous relationships make us stay!

In QI, it isn’t just about succeeding in your job. It’s about finding your passion!

Interested to join us? Please check the job postings below or send in your resume to