Vision and Guiding Values

Gandhi – The Corporate Icon of the QI Group.
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Behind every company lies a powerful story. And here is the man who gave the QI Group theirs: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – better known as Mahatma Gandhi.

It was Gandhi’s ideals that brought together the small group of people from different nationalities and cultures, with common values and a common cause – seeding a vision that has today grown into the QI Group, a multimillion-dollar business with a heart.

Gandhi is the QI Group’s corporate icon and their corporate philosophy – RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind), was derived from the key principles by which he led his life.

CARE. SERVICE. INTEGRITY. These were Gandhi’s teachings, and they are melded into the foundation of the QI Group’s leadership, giving them purpose and serving as a guide for everything that they do as a company. Gandhi’s teachings help them live RYTHM in action.

People are the QI Group’s greatest assets. They are committed to act with care and compassion for every life they touch.

‘Service with a heart’ is the credo the QI Group lives by. They are committed to serving their customers and community with excellence, respect and devotion.

Being ethical and honest in everything that they do lies at the heart of the QI Group’s DNA.