Vision and Guiding Values

Gandhi – The Corporate Icon of the QI Group.
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Behind every company lies a powerful story. And here is the man who gave the QI Group theirs: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – better known as Mahatma Gandhi.

It was Gandhi’s ideals that brought together the small group of people from different nationalities and cultures, with common values and a common cause – seeding a vision that has today grown into the QI Group, a multimillion-dollar business with a heart.

The Core Values of the QI Group, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, our Corporate Icon, and built on RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, are:

Truth above all. Truth in all!
Integrity in thought, word and action.

We serve to lead and lead to serve. Service to all is our credo.

We are merely caretakers for the next generation. We must preserve, sustain and even resurrect.

Lead to Inspire and Inspire to Lead!
We nurture and inculcate entrepreneurial passion as the path to independence, inclusiveness and innovation.