Meat-free policy


The QI Group has been an advocate for plant-based diet since our inception in 1998. We have a responsibility to the planet to sustain its limited resources for future generations.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we have taken a stand to make all our premises and events meat-free. Going meat-free is the most important environmental action we can take to mitigate the harmful effects of the meat industry which affects land, water, and the atmosphere. Animal agriculture plays a role in almost all of the major environmental issues that plague the earth — climate change, habitat loss and destruction, wildlife extinction, overconsumption, soil degradation, water pollution and air pollution.

We live in a world where sustainability needs to be everyone’s priority and we believe a plant-based economy can contribute to the betterment of Mother Earth. Going meat-free is our endeavour towards sustainability, preserving precious natural resources for our children.

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