Raja Noorlin Suefina

Though I am part of such a large organisation, I have never felt like a tiny lost fish in a big aquarium. Here, we all matter, and all our voices are heard.

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QI Group Celebrates Recognition of Boey Kho, Director of HR and Administration at IPEC Global Awards

We are delighted to announce that QI Group’s Director of Human Resources and Administration, Boey Kho has been conferred the Iconic Legacy Honour presented at the inaugural IPEC…

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Melisa Cruz

Exactly 19 years and 8 months ago, a friend told me about this dynamic, young company which was a great place to work. As we talked and I heard more about this company, there was…

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Jack Wong

In the QI Group, there is no limit to what you can do or achieve, both at a personal and professional level. I still remember joining the still new company 19 years ago as a…

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Shankar Kumar

I am the youngest of four siblings with a ten year age gap between the oldest and me. My older brothers and sisters were all into pop music. So, from the age of 5, instead of…

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