The Zone

The Zone is a unique leadership development program spearheaded by the Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group, Vijay Eswaran.

This exclusive 4-day program is by invitation only and participants are drawn from a combination of employees of the group, the Board of Directors of QI, and distributors of the Group’s direct selling business. Participants at the Zone go through 4 days of intense reflection and self-assessment to help them find their purpose. The first Zone was held in Thailand in 2011.


An intimate three-day employee training programme moderated by co-founder Joseph Bismark himself, STEER helps build and develop people with the confidence in their ability to do great things for the benefit and progress of their careers and the company.

An acronym for Service, Teamwork, Enrichment, Excellence and Resolve, STEER aims to develop amongst its participants a strong commitment to delivering genuine, heartfelt SERVICE in their respective fields of work; a sense of TEAMWORK in terms of developing a meaningful understanding on how people are dependent on one another for success; a feeling of ENRICHMENT by nourishing the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of its participants; a culture of EXCELLENCE in everything they do and, ultimately, a RESOLVE amongst participants in coming to terms with their identity, well-being, and purpose in the company.

QI Rising

A company often rises and falls due to the quality of its leadership.

Fully funded by the company and free for selected employees, QI Rising is a teambuilding training programme that functions as a tool to develop and empower the next generation of leadership of the company.

Participants are coached in developing an awareness of themselves as leaders and role models within an environment that allows for freedom of engagement, dialogue and plurality of voices.

The aim is to birth among key employees a sense of teamwork, self-confidence, urgency and possibly most importantly, a spirit of ownership for the company’s vision.

Quest International University

A private university established and currently based at its interim campus in Ipoh, Perak

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V-Convention, or V-CON, started out in 2001 with the aim of gathering top distributors of our direct selling business under one roof

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Employee Training

A company often rises and falls due to the quality of its leadership. Fully funded by the company and free for selected employees

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