A Century of Swiss Watchmaking Excellence

Cimier is a renowned Swiss watchmaker with a storied history dating back to 1924 when it was founded by visionary craftsman Joseph Lapanouse in the village of Hölstein, Switzerland. From its pioneering work with the Roskopf movement in its early days to the iconic Cimier Chronograph that captivated the world in the 1960s, the brand has been celebrated for its innovation and elegance in fine Swiss watchmaking.

After navigating the quartz crisis and other challenges in the following decades, Cimier underwent a renaissance in the new millennium energised by its partnership with the QI Group. Now operating under the aegis of the QI Group, Cimier continues to blend its long tradition of craftsmanship with modern flair and global collaborations.

At the heart of Cimier is the Watch Academy, where enthusiasts of all ages can experience hands-on training in the timeless methods of watchmaking that have defined the brand for a century.

In 2024, Cimier celebrates a remarkable milestone – its 100th anniversary. As it commemorates 100 years of history, Cimier celebrates its pioneering past while driving watchmaking innovation into the future.

Since its foundation in 1924, Cimier has consistently adhered to the highest standards of horological artistry, merging traditional techniques with innovative designs.

This centennial year not only marks a celebration of a rich heritage but also underscores Cimier’s commitment to preserving the art of mechanical Swiss watchmaking.

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Commemorative Numismatic

QI Group’s interests in the luxury business started with our venture into numismatics in 1998.

One of the earliest subsidiaries of the Group partnered with prominent international organisations to distribute their commemorative numismatics sets, making it one of the largest numismatics distributors in the world, in the early 2000s.

Many of these collectors’ items were produced at the historic Mayer Mint in Pforzeim, Germany, which has a rich heritage and is known for having been the mint of choice for European nobility since its inception in 1871.

Our bestsellers in the past have included:

  • The Olympics collections, in collaboration with the International Olympics Committee, which included sets for the Sydney Olympics 2000, Athens Olympics 2004 and Beijing Olympics 2008
  • The FIFA collections, which included the Japan/South Korea 2002 World Cup, Germany 2006 World Cup and FIFA Centennial Commemorative Coin Set
  • The Ayrton Senna Memorial coin set, in collaboration with the Formula One legend’s Ayrton Senna Foundation
  • The Star Wars Heroes and Villains Coin Set, with Lucasfilm
  • Commemorative coins of prominent historical figures created in partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization