Direct Selling and E-Commerce

Through our flagship subsidiary QNET, we have been credited as one of the first companies in Asia to adopt business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce and use it to support a powerful business model that merges direct selling with technology.

QNET offers lifestyle products in diverse markets and provides borderless opportunities through an eCommerce platform to everyday people. QNET’s grassroots business model enables ordinary people from all walks of life to start their own business with minimal overhead. With hard work and dedication, QNET distributors, known as Independent Representatives (IRs), have the opportunity to become economically self-sufficient, raising the standard of life for their families and communities.

Today, QNET has a strong global reach and is one of Asia’s leading lifestyle and wellness direct selling companies, with customers in more than 100 countries and 25 offices and agency partnerships worldwide. The company is also accredited with memberships in the Direct Selling Association of Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, among others.

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