Malaysia, 5 September 2009 – In his latest column titled ‘The Millennium Belongs To Asia’, which appeared in Malaysia’s New Straits Times, Executive Chairman of the QI Group, Dato’ Vijay Eswaran said, “The common threads holding Asia together are its values and work ethic, making it very attractive for the West to do business here. It is definitely one of the chief reasons why we must capitalise on these strengths and progress forward.”

The column focused on the commonalities between Asian countries, emphasising the well known fact that many of the religions that have traversed the globe and reached the far corners of the world, began in Asia. This, he said is a clear demonstration of the ability of Asian countries to network with each other.

It is now, more than ever that Asia should use this ability for a shared purpose – to take the lead in the millennium by uniting as one. “It only makes sense that Asia will lead the charge in this millennium if we retain our values and not decimate our thinking,” Dato’ Vijay Eswaran concluded.

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