QI Group continues to strengthen its presence in the MENA region by joining other esteemed panellists in the latest instalment of Entrepreneur Middle East’s online webinar series – this time dissecting the state of the regional gig economy, as well as recommending future-forward steps to drive the industry further.

Zaheer Merchant, Director of Corporate Affairs, QI Group, shared how the company’s QNET business is strategically placed to connect micro-entrepreneurs and the gig economy. The direct selling industry is people-oriented and increasingly finds itself being driven by trends in the digital space. Tech-enabled platforms are introducing digital developments like enterprise and blockchain technology, omnichannel experience, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality.

He shared that the technology factor coupled with its direct sales element is a massive opportunity for the industry to surge ahead. The direct selling industry has weathered the pandemic as businesses pivot to find new ways of empowering their distributors and reaching out to new groups of consumers who want to make a difference in their lives. The industry must continue evolving to stay ahead and create a conducive environment for such tech trends to develop and grow.

As the industry unfolds, companies need to create high-value experiences to stay relevant. Among the key aspects to look into include data analytics; the kinds of products being consumed and how; market acceptance towards change; customer satisfaction; social media influence, and social influencers; – all these elements can become factors for massive productivity for distributors, allowing even greater interactivity between people.