QI’s CIMIER is now a proud member of the Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce (SACC). The ties between the Swiss luxury watch brand and SACC will see stronger collaborations and partnerships as the brand continues to thrive in the Swiss watchmaking business. QI’s continuous investments in the Swiss watchmaking industry reflects on the Group’s mission to preserve and safeguard this long-standing tradition.

To this day, CIMIER sustains its rich and colorful history in Switzerland. At its peak in the 50s, over 1.5 million watches were produced annually, portraying the brand’s ability to grow through its exquisite designs, excellent craftsmanship and fine quality. Ten years ago, QI Group acquired a major stake in this luxurious brand and since then, CIMIER has broken barriers and grown in unimaginable ways.

QI is thrilled with this SACC partnership and hopes for a fruitful relationship between the two parties.