In 2011, Kamini Selvaratnam decided she wanted to help other special children attain the kind of independence in life that she had been able to achieve. And after years with us, Taarana has become a second home for such children, and for her.

“It’s a place where we transform and help special kids with special needs. Taarana means a lot to me. I have become close to all the kids here. The children in Taarana are my family,” she says.

Kamini helps, in her own little way, mould these kids to be more independent. At the school, they are taught skills to handle their daily living situation and to not let their disabilities get in the way of reaching bigger goals.

“I feel happy working as a team with the teachers and the management for the benefit of the children. There have been some very good teachers who have helped me to see things the right way and helped me go forward in working in Taarana.”

“My former principals like the late Mrs Bala and Ms Shamini have helped me cope with office administration work. They taught and guided me to do office work like photocopying, filing and so much more.

Asked to describe her feelings in one word, Kamini replies, “proud”. Proud of what she has achieved for herself, and for the children she helps each day. Proud to be a part of something that gives so much back to the community.

“I am what I am now because of Taarana. If I have achieved so much, I am sure every child here can also do so. I am proud to say I am working for a big organisation, an organisation that is working to help people like me.”