Saying Goodbye to Single-use Plastics

Washed up whales and turtles with plastic in their stomach are the most visible signs of the horrifying impact of single-use plastic on marine life.

The real numbers are far worse – plastic, through entanglement or ingestion, kills around 100,000 sea creatures every year, as well as about 1 million sea birds. And these are just the ones that we know are being impacted by this floating timebomb in our oceans.

This threat isn’t limited to the deep blue sea. On land, only nine per cent of plastic bags are reportedly returned for recycling, with the rest crowding dumpsites, plumbing, and sidewalks, polluting the environment and hurting domestic animals and wildlife that consume or get entangled in them.

The QI Group has banned single-use plastic in all of our offices, events, and conventions. Employees are actively encouraged to follow sustainable practices by eliminating plastic from their lifestyle and reusing and recycling more. We are also working towards improving our product packaging by switching to sustainable materials.