At QNET, the flagship business of the QI Group, the direct selling model harnesses the power of technology to provide customers around the world access to unique high-quality products and service, while giving them the opportunity to build a sales business by promoting these products.

For nearly a century, the direct selling industry has demonstrated that its one-to-one business model works, laying the groundwork for what we are now calling the gig economy. The direct selling business has been a leader in the space of flexible, self-employment opportunities, pre-dating the gig-economy.

Designed to help people take charge of their health and improve their lifestyle and livelihood, QNET’s products and services have the overarching goal of making complete well-being accessible to all. Our research and development teams work with an international panel of experts as well as a scientific advisory board to source and develop the highest quality of products to help customers live holistic lives.

Today, QNET has millions of satisfied customers in more than 100 countries, while hundreds of thousands of others have become distributors of QNET’s products, earning commissions on product sales, and building a successful sales business.

QNET’s cutting edge technology platform seamlessly integrates sales with digital payments, an e-wallet, a virtual office with the latest business tools, and a dashboard to monitor sales performance, giving the aspiring entrepreneur everything he or she needs to start their business.

A truly global business, QNET’s strength lies in its diversity. Asian by heritage, but with distributors spread across Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Europe, the company’s global footprint has helped develop micro-entrepreneurs in many emerging economies.

QNET has a local business presence through branch offices, affiliate companies, subsidiaries, agency partners and franchisee companies in Southeast Asia and Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Turkey, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Europe.

QNET is a member of the Direct Selling Association in several countries.

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