World Economic Forum (WEF)

As a partner of the World Economic Forum, the QI Group has been part of global conversations and innovative solutions to some of today’s biggest challenges: the demographics of the gig workforce, diversity in the workplace and society, future-proofing education, and building future-oriented companies.

The QI Group is also actively engaged in several multi-stakeholder projects and events to advance the progress of critical issues facing various industries and societies across the globe. There are two issues especially close to our company’s heart.

One is ensuring talents can be developed, trained and deployed to ensure people fulfill their potential. With that in mind, QI Group is collaborating with the WEF, its partners and experts in the Closing the Skills Gap project, working together to create platforms and tools to address existing skills gaps and to redesign education and training for the future.

The other issue that we are passionate about is developing the ASEAN region. We are an active member of the ASEAN community, which, with 661 million people and an economic growth averaging at five percent a year, is among the world’s most exciting regions.

We are working closely with the WEF’s ASEAN community of leaders to unlock the region’s outstanding potential and ensure its economic growth is sustainable and inclusive.

In particular, as an eCommerce company, QI is contributing to the Digital ASEAN project. This is aimed at shaping the ASEAN digital economy by harmonising digital policy and regulations, improving digital talents and human capital, and tackling cyber-risks.

Our Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaran has participated in and spoken at several WEF events in Switzerland, USA and Asia. His contributions to the WEF agenda can be seen here.


Horasis is a visions community that explores, defines and implements trajectories of sustainable growth, providing strategic foresight to public and private entities who dream of growing into global organisations. It is a platform for cooperation and knowledge sharing, particularly between developed countries and emerging economies.

As a member of the Horasis Visionary Circle, QI Group aims to actively participate in vital global discussions throughout the year to advance solutions to the most critical challenges facing society today and work jointly with member communities in identifying global issues and developing interdisciplinary solutions. These global meetings have taken place at various locations in Asia, Europe and the USA.

QI Group Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaran has been a regular participant at various Horasis events, which are also attended by global leaders, titans of industry and some of the greatest thinkers of our time.


Concordia is an independent organization that aims to facilitate cross-sector collaboration for social impact and to improve global society at large.

Formed in 2011 to gather thought leaders to discuss the importance of partnerships in combating terrorism on the 10thanniversary of the 9/11 World Trade Center terror attacks, Concordia has since then grown towards a belief that public-private partnerships are fundamental to addressing many societal challenges.

As a patron member, QI Group seeks to contribute to the progress of advancing sustainable development goals by participating in a series of global discussions and working in partnership with an extensive network of global leaders.

Kingsley Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific

The Kingsley Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific (KSI) in Malaysia is an independent research institute that promotes thought leadership, economic cooperation and strategic thinking focussing on regional cooperation, ASEAN strategy and leadership.

As a strategic partner, QI Group aims to work with business leaders as well as policymakers in the region to advance sustainable development agendas and catalyse actions, driving ASEAN to be more economically and socially sustainable and inclusive.

KSI is also the secretariat for the prestigious Economic Club of Kuala Lumpur (ECKL) and as a member, QI Group Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaran joins a distinguished panel of Government Ministers, CEOs and thought leaders to promote discussions and debate economic policies, and to share insights about major challenges facing the nation and the ASEAN region.

Pacific Basin Economic Council

The PBEC was founded in 1967 and is an invitation-only non-profit organisation that builds bridges of friendship and understanding and stands as the independent voice of business in the APEC region.

Today, PBEC is THE independent voice of sustainable business and trade across the Pacific for business leaders and organisations to network and collaborate. Completely independent and apolitical, PBEC and its members offer important counsel to businesses and governments alike.

The QI Group is proud to be a new corporate member of the Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC) and join the ranks of prominent business leaders, entrepreneurs, and leading corporations from over 21 economies of the APEC countries and beyond.

We look forward to actively participate in PBEC activities and contribute to thought-leadership, advocate key issues, network and collaborate for sustainable economic and social development in Asia and the Pacific.

The QI Group hopes to be a valuable member of the PBEC by exchanging ideas and experiences with the Council members, as well as foster strategic partnerships for causes that would benefit the Asia Pacific region.

Global Partnerships