Martin Soosay

Public Relations Manager

If you are someone looking for a career change close to the age of 50, rest assured that there are…

Emine Nur Koca

General Manager

Making Memories Count: Curating Turkish Hospitality Experiences Helped Me Grow

Desmond Chan

Senior System Analyst

I am grateful for the trust they’ve placed in me, and it motivates me to put in maximum effort into…

Benjamin Wong

Team Lead, IT Infrastructure & Cloud Management Team

The support I’ve received from my superiors and the confidence placed in me even when I doubted…

Claire Onza

Head of the Global Support Centre

QI has given me the chance to travel to different places and explore countries I’ve never heard of…

Sumesh Kumar

Assistant Manager, EC’s Office, QI Group

QI is a people-first organisation. The company genuinely cares about each one of us.