Elyana Agustin

Head of Global Support Centre

From Private Tutor to Department Head: Elyana’s Two Decades of Growth and Grit At QI

Miriam Lagdameo

General Manager

From Executive Assistant to General Manager: The Tale of a Trailblazing Woman in QI

Frans Yessi

System Administrator

Love Made Me Choose QI, The People Made Me Stay

Our People

Unveiling the Unsung Heroes of the QI Group

In every organisation, some work in the shadows.

Their harried footsteps filled with determination. Their tireless faces are a mirror of quiet strength. At QI, we call them our Quiet Heroes. Embodying our core value of Service, these unsung heroes ensure our QI Family doesn’t have to worry about the little things as they go about their daily work.

Get to know them here.

Serdar Tarsusluoglu

Regional Finance Manager

My Leap of Faith: How QI Has Transformed My Life

Thor Hattaiwat Pusanti

Head of IT Applications

Making the Dream Work Together: I am a QI Hero ONLY because of my Team

Arti Anurag Asawa

Global Operations Coordinator

Breaking the Myth of First Jobs: Staying in QI for 23 Years Opened Doors of Opportunities for Me

Martin Soosay

Public Relations Manager

If you are someone looking for a career change close to the age of 50, rest assured that there are…

Emine Nur Koca

General Manager

Making Memories Count: Curating Turkish Hospitality Experiences Helped Me Grow

Desmond Chan

Senior System Analyst

I am grateful for the trust they’ve placed in me, and it motivates me to put in maximum effort into…