Arti Anurag Asawa

Global Operations Coordinator

Breaking the Myth of First Jobs: Staying in QI for 23 Years Opened Doors of Opportunities for Me

Martin Soosay

Public Relations Manager

If you are someone looking for a career change close to the age of 50, rest assured that there are…

Emine Nur Koca

General Manager

Making Memories Count: Curating Turkish Hospitality Experiences Helped Me Grow

Desmond Chan

Senior System Analyst

I am grateful for the trust they’ve placed in me, and it motivates me to put in maximum effort into…

Benjamin Wong

Team Lead, IT Infrastructure & Cloud Management Team

The support I’ve received from my superiors and the confidence placed in me even when I doubted…

Claire Onza

Head of the Global Support Centre

QI has given me the chance to travel to different places and explore countries I’ve never heard of…