Before her serendipitous encounter with the QI Group, Elyana Agustin was treading a different career path altogether. Fresh out of university, her first job was as a private teacher to high school students.

But fate, or perhaps a well-timed opportunity, had other plans.

“The offer, at that time, aligned perfectly with my qualifications. I couldn’t resist the chance to explore something new,” she explains, recalling that fateful decision which kickstarted her career with us.

“I joined on 23 December 2003. It’s been 20 incredible years.” Elyana reminisces fondly.

She started as a Customer Support Executive, becoming only the second employee in the then-fledgling Surabaya branch of our direct-selling entity, QNET.

Her responsibilities were vast, encompassing customer inquiries, training, and office operations. However, she recalls how this brought her closer to her colleagues.

“My coworkers were and have always been my second family. We support each other, creating an environment where work feels like meeting family.”

Throughout her tenure, Elyana has had the opportunity to spread her wings and explore new horizons. “I’ve travelled across Indonesia and beyond, thanks to the support of the company,” she says, reflecting on her exciting work ventures.

In fact, her very first flight experience was when she embarked on a business trip for the company. But above all these, it’s the personal and professional growth that keeps her going here at QI Group.

“From a junior executive to a Head Assistant, and now to leading the Customer Support department, my roles here have evolved in ways I never imagined.”

She recognises that the company’s emphasis on skill enhancement and career progression has been instrumental in her journey. “I’ve had numerous chances to expand my skill sets, from public speaking to driving projects and events,” she explains.

And the rewards go beyond titles and recognition. For Elyana, the true joy lies in seeing customers happy, knowing she’s made a difference, and being part of a company that values sustainability, a principle she tries to embody beyond work by minimising her use of single-use plastics and actively being involved in environmental initiatives.

For those embarking on their journey with QI, Elyana offers sage advice: “Embrace the culture of listening and seize every opportunity to grow.” Those who seek shall find.

Elyana Agustin is the Head of QNET’s Global Support Centre in Indonesia. She is based in Surabaya, Indonesia.