QI Group Deputy Chairman, Joseph ‘Sriman Japadas’ Bismark, played a role in shaping discussions on the Philippines’ economic future at a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) Country Roundtable. Themed “Forging a Sustainable Future for the Philippines,” the invite-only event convened industry leaders, experts, and investors for a dialogue on the country’s growing economic trajectory.

Bismark, alongside an elite cohort of CEOs, actively engaged in deliberations concerning the Philippines’ promising economic prospects, strategies for achieving sustainable growth, and the enticing landscape for investments.

Global business leaders and decision-makers convened in Manila to explore investment opportunities and engage in insightful discussions with government officials and local private sector leaders.

Hosted by Philippines President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., the Roundtable highlighted the nation’s remarkable economic advancements attributed to robust domestic demand, strategic investments in infrastructure, and effective governmental policies.

This collaborative effort between the Government of the Philippines and the WEF marks the first high-level roundtable convened in the Asia Pacific Region since the pandemic, emphasising the importance of international cooperation in fostering economic resilience and growth.

Bismark’s participation at the WEF Roundtable underscores our commitment to playing a key role in shaping the nation’s economic future and contributing to its continued success and development on the global stage. It further strengthens our commitment to the Philippines, the birthplace of the QI Group in 1998.