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RYTHM Foundation

RYTHM Foundation serves as the QI Group’s social impact initiative and invests in the communities in which we operate, through strategic partnerships, employee volunteering and community service.

An acronym for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, RYTHM is the corporate heartbeat of the QI Group. The Foundation’s core values are built on the principles of Empowerment, Volunteerism and Resilience. Through our work, be it the creation of grants, volunteer engagement or investing in human development programmes, our goal is to empower lives and transform communities.

RYTHM Foundation strives to enforce the QI Group’s aspirations and responsibility in playing a pivotal role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

All projects supported by the Foundation are designed within the framework of three focus areas and contribute to various interrelated SDGs.

RYTHM Foundation’s primary focus areas are:

  • Quality Education for All
  • Gender Equality
  • Sustainable Community Development
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Flagship Projects


Taarana was established in 2011 by the Vijayaratnam Foundation – RYTHM Foundation’s Malaysian chapter – as a school for children with special needs.

At Taarana, we believe each student is special, and that with the right nurturing and care, every child can develop the wings it needs to fly in its own unique way.

The school, which caters to over 40 students mostly in the autism spectrum, has 12 special education teachers, one in-house occupational therapist and two administrative staff. Students also learn yoga and basic life skills through classes conducted by skilled volunteers. The aim is to give them a more holistic development program and prepare them for independence as they grow up.

The Foundation, through Taarana, provides a functional academic education in a family-oriented environment. We believe social integration for children with special needs is important and support the advocacy for rights and inclusivity for such children. It is this, above everything else, that reflects the essence of our purpose, making Taarana the jewel in the Foundation’s crown.

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Flagship Projects


The Maharani programme, initiated in Malaysia by RYTHM Foundation in 2010, has helped over 7,000 girls from poor and marginalised communities.

It provides the girls, aged 13 to 16, with the skills and knowledge to enable them to achieve their full potential. Through the Maharani programme, girls learn about gender, sexual and reproductive health; ethnicity; culture, and the importance of physical and spiritual wellness.

This gives them the tools to develop into confident, responsible and civic-minded women and members of society. The programme involves a camp conducted over three phases and a Learning Lab where a strong foundation is built for the girls to embrace their future in more positive ways.