Twelve years ago, Frans Yessi was at life’s crossroads. It was one of those moments where the decision you make could determine the trajectory of your life.

At that time, he was working with a mining company in Indonesia and was stationed in a remote area where he handled their technology setup and maintenance. He was comfortable in the job, enjoying the peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

However, as years went by, he realised he wanted to have a family. His partner at the time lived in a different city and it soon became obvious that if he had any hope for the future he envisioned, he had to move to where she was.

Thus began his harried job hunt that led to him to a System Administrator role at the Jakarta office of a QI Group subsidiary in 2011. Frans was sceptical on his first day, since the company’s operations were small, and the office only had a handful of people. But it was evident that this was a tight knit group that worked together as a team.

In the early days, his job scope included extending tech support at company events, e.g., handling multimedia devices. He remembers being given the sole responsibility of managing everything from the cameras and projectors to the sound system. It was daunting, to say the least, he remembers. However, Frans appreciated the fact that the company recognised the importance of people learning from mistakes and didn’t just focus on the victories.

According to Frans, the three unique qualities that set the company apart are – flexibility, a genuine work-life balance, and a culture that nurtures camaraderie, even a family-like closeness. 

He attributes these as the catalyst for his personal and professional growth. From handling local responsibilities, he transitioned to taking charge of global tasks and overseeing tech issues in three other international locations.  This allowed him to meet people from various corners of the globe. He recalls having to use Google Translate to communicate with colleagues from foreign offices, which led him to learning new languages!

Frans credits his progress to his managers, who have all been extremely supportive and often nudged him to upskill his tech knowledge through trainings and relevant certifications.

Apart from his day-to-day work, Frans has developed an affinity of giving back to the community in which he lives, all thanks to QI’s social impact initiative, RYTHM Foundation. Our Employee Community Impact (ECI) activities have been a real eye-opener for him and helped him realise the importance of extending a helping hand where needed.

While he might have chosen QI to be with the love of his life, Frans is certainly grateful for where the path has led him to; great colleagues, a tight knit work culture, and a fulfilling career.

His advice for newcomers at QI? You reap what you sow here, so put in the hard work and you will be recognised for it.

Frans Yessi is a System Administrator (IT) and is based in Indonesia.