We are proud to announce that RYTHM Foundation has won a Bronze at the 10th CSR Times Awards in India. The QI Group’s social impact initiative was recognised for its work on a programme that supported Youth Development and Empowerment of Young Women in the rural areas of Maharashtra state in India.

The project, implemented in partnership with the Mann Deshi Foundation, an NGO that has been working in the state of Maharashtra for over a decade, was established with the aim of empowering young women from the farming villages and nomadic tribes in the drought-prone Satara district. Through this programme, five Mann Deshi Youth Development Centres were established in the district where participants were put through a unique sports intervention programme which helped them build confidence, providing them access to education, skills training, and other personal development activities, and prepared them for jobs in the civil services. Since its launch, the project has reached nearly 1,000 young women in the state of Maharashtra who have also become role models for other young women in their communities, breaking out of the multigenerational cycle of poverty.

In a world where opportunities sometimes seem distant dreams, this project has emerged as a beacon of hope, casting its light on the lives of young women who have long yearned for a chance to spread their wings. Through skill-building, education, and a strong support system, RYTHM Foundation and its partners have crafted a narrative of resilience and empowerment, proving that dreams are attainable when met with dedication and an unyielding spirit.

To catch a glimpse of the journey that led to this momentous accomplishment, the winning project’s short film can be experienced below. As the frames unfold, they narrate stories of inspiration, growth, and resilience, painting a vivid picture of lives reshaped and ambitions reignited.

The CSR Times Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in India for corporate social responsibility (CSR). The awards are given to organisations that have significantly contributed to society through their CSR initiatives.

The award event was held on August 21 in New Delhi as part of the 10th CSR Times National Summit. The award was received by Santhi Periasamy, Head of RYTHM Foundation, Ramya Chandrasekaran, Chief Communications Officer of the QI Group, and Omkar Gonjari, the Director of Mann Deshi Foundation.