Choosing a career in the banking sector seemed like the right path for Serdar Tarsusluoğlu initially. However, as time went on, he realised that his true passion lay elsewhere.

While working for a local firm in Turkey, Serdar constantly encountered resistance whenever he tried to push the boundaries and introduce new ideas. He found himself at a crossroads, realising that his job lacked the satisfaction he craved.

Taking a leap of faith, Serdar made the brave decision to resign from his banking position and re-enter the job market. Determined to explore something different, he found himself facing a blank canvas, ready to add vibrant new colours to his life.

There were days filled with uncertainty, unsure if he would find a job that genuinely interested him. That’s when he stumbled upon an opportunity in the QI Group’s direct selling company in Istanbul. During his interview with Cem Geyik, the General Manager of the company’s Turkey operations, Serdar was captivated by the family-like environment, and fascinated by the purpose-driven business of the company.

Serdar was entrusted with building the local finance team from scratch and resolving pending financial transactions. He was excited at the prospect of taking on a brand-new challenge and jumped into the job with both feet running! Reflecting on those early days filled with demanding and time-consuming tasks, he is grateful that he persevered, attributing his resilience to the support and encouragement he received not just from the local office but also colleagues from other international locations.

Working at the QI Group has been a truly eye-opening experience for Serdar. As the Regional Finance Manager, he interacts with people from all corners of the globe, exchanging business ideas and personal stories. Collaborating closely with individuals from diverse backgrounds has also given him valuable insights into the rich cultures of Asia, broadening his perspective on life.

Serdar firmly believes that QI’s holistic approach to employee development is the key to his continuous personal and professional growth over the years. He remembers participating in an internal team-building programme called QI Rising, which prompted him to assess his leadership skills and embark on a journey of self-improvement.

When it comes to his career, Serdar appreciates the receptive management at QI, always open to his suggestions and proposals. In fact, one of his ideas, the QNET Param Card Project in Turkey—a collaborative debit card service with Mastercard—was successfully implemented thanks to this belief in his contributions.

On a personal level, Serdar holds a deep appreciation for green living, which aligns with QI’s commitment to sustainability. He actively seeks out sustainable brands with minimal carbon footprints and educates himself on efficient energy resource consumption.

Known for his passion for fitness, Serdar attributes his ability to thrive in his demanding yet fulfilling job to his interests in CrossFit, high-altitude mountain climbing, and Muay Thai.

His advice to newcomers is to muster up the courage to seize opportunities, even in the face of fear. Taking that leap into the unknown may lead to life-changing experiences, just as it did for Serdar.

Serdar Tarsusluoglu is a Regional Finance Manager and is based in Turkey.