Before she joined the Doğan Hotel in Antalya, Turkey, Emine Nur Koca has long been a part of the famous Turkish hospitality industry. She worked as a Financial Controller in a deluxe hotel with over 2,000 employees in the same region. 

Emine was drawn to the hospitality industry from a young age, loving the idea of serving people and creating unforgettable memories for them, but life took a different turn, and she ended up working behind the scenes in the financial sector instead. 

When a job opportunity came her way to work at Doğan Hotel, it was an offer she could not resist. A picturesque enclave, it comprises four historic houses that were refurbished to include modern amenities while retaining their rich, centuries-old Turkish architecture. 

“I could envision inviting people from around the world to experience this wondrous place”, Emine said as she recalls the excitement and novelty of stepping into her then-new role 11 years back. 

From her initial position as the hotel’s finance and administration manager, she is now the General Manager, thanks to her passion for hospitality and her ability to manage people. 

“I work with fantastic people who respect each other and always exude a positive vibe. I strongly believe in practising open communication with our staff and the management so that everyone feels like they have a say in what we do.” 

Under her watchful eye, the Doğan Hotel has flourished to become one of Antalya’s highest-rated experiences, known for its comfort and service. She credits her supportive bosses at the QI Group and the company’s ethos of RYTHM- Raise Yourself to Help Mankind for her success with the hotel. These days, outside of work, Emine finds the time to volunteer for good causes, live sustainably, and practise healthy lifestyle habits.   

Watch this video to follow her journey with QI: