Malaysia, 8 June 2009 – “The new centres of economic power and the new arenas of expansion will now have to be delineated..indeed the compass for the new age of globalisation is pointing East,” said Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman of the QI Group, when he expressed his viewpoint on the global economic crisis in New Straits Time, Malaysia, with a column entitled ‘Globalisation is not westernisation.’

The column explores the concept of the ‘global village’, and the need for Third World nations to embrace it, instead of building walls, shields and protectionist policies that work merely as quick-fix remedies to thwart currency fluctuations.

“We should be making conciliatory efforts to outsource for each other. We should be the destination instead of being a resource. We need to understand each other better to work more efficiently,” the Chairman of QI said.

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