I applied for a job in the Hong Kong office as a Customer Service Officer back in 2001. The company was only three years old then. I was interviewed by Ms Malou Caluza who was then the head of customer service. Her enthusiasm for work was so infectious and when I was offered the position, I accepted it immediately even though the company was still so new.

Twenty years later, I have no regrets! What I love about working here is the opportunity to collaborate with different people from diverse backgrounds and skillsets. This is such a wonderful way to nurture and develop people within the company. The exposure I was given from the early days allowed me to grow both professionally and personally.

Over the years, I served in various roles of increasing responsibility within customer service before moving to a specialised role with significant responsibility in the Network Services Department. Today, I manage the entire Network Integrity Department (NID) for our direct selling business, QNET.

One of the things I value about the company is the mentoring I have received over the years. When I would make mistakes in my early years in the company, it would really weigh me down. But my managers and other leaders of the company always took the time to talk to me and patiently guided me in my journey. Apart from Ms Malou, I am also grateful to Mr Richard Zinkiewicz who was then on the QI Board, for teaching me the ropes. I feel that I have become stronger as a result of my time in the QI Group because the culture is such that the company doesn’t give up easily on people.

Another rewarding and eye-opening experience is interaction with our Founders. They are both so humble and approachable and make the effort to get to know people. Our Executive Chairman, Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, patiently conducts mentoring sessions for employees even today, despite his busy schedule.

These small things have added up over the years and I feel truly at home in the office.

Today, my biggest motivation to give my best stems from the belief that what I do makes a difference. It is gratifying to know that my bosses trust me to carry out critical tasks that has a business impact on the company and what I do contributes to the long-term success of the QI Group.

For those who have joined our QI family in recent years, my advice is to stand firm for what you believe is right. Take ownership, be accountable for your actions, and become an expert in your area of work. Stay optimistic and calm in times of crisis and focus on finding resolutions collectively.

Have faith in the company as it genuinely cares for us and lives by its Mission of RYTHM. QI raises everyone, including you.


Crescenta Camalao completed 20 years with the QI Group in 2021. She is the head of QNET’s Network Integrity Department and is based in Hong Kong.