When I first joined QI as a Junior Customer Support personnel in 2001, little did I know that my journey here would have brought me this far down the road.

Since I’ve been with the company from its infancy, the experience I’ve gained working in various positions over the years has been extremely valuable. Just as the company grew by leaps and bounds, my career growth was exponential too.

I progressed from a junior support staff role to a senior one, then moved up as a Supervisor, Assistant Head, Section Head, then finally to where I am now, Regional Head for MENA Global Support Centre for our direct selling subsidiary, QNET.

I feel that accepting the role to head a regional team is probably one of the bravest decisions I ever made. Even though I didn’t have as much experience leading an entire regional team, I grabbed the opportunity to learn and grow into this role. The promotion also took me to a different part of the world as I relocated from Hong Kong to UAE, where I set up the team from scratch. I also had to move away from family, friends and all things familiar. While change is never easy, what fuelled me was the belief that everyone had in my abilities. My colleagues, supervisor and the leadership of the company have all displayed their confidence in me, which was very helpful in making this transition easier.

From the hiring, training, and monitoring staff to the office set up, SOPs and systems, I had to be pretty much hands-on with everything. This allowed me to develop new skills, expand my knowledge base, and step out of my comfort zone.

Thanks to the core values of the company which advocates the adoption of sustainable practices that contribute to the health of our planet, I no longer use plastic at home and try to consume responsibly in my everyday life.

The most rewarding thing about working here is that the company values the loyalty, service, and well-being of its people. The Founders, Directors and Chiefs put in the time and effort to teach, challenge and reward the staff. Thanks to this, I have seen some pretty exciting places, travelled to various countries, and met some fantastic people who have left a lasting impression on me.

The family-like atmosphere, the unlimited potential for growth, cultural diversity and success rewards are among the highlights that I can strongly say are exclusive to working with the QI Group.

My advice to those who just joined us or wish to join us; “There are no elevators to success; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” And there is always a place in QI for those who walk the talk.


Claire Onza is the Head of the Global Support Centre for the Middle East and North Africa Region for our direct selling business, QNET. She is based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).