“Thirteen years ago, I stumbled upon the QI Group of Companies’ profile while I was looking for a career change from the advertising and publishing field to join the corporate world. QI Group’s profile spoke to me, it got me to think and find out more. Among all the profiles listed, QI was the only organisation with a corporate icon – Mahatma Gandhi, meaningful values and stood out among the rest as a company with a heart, reaching out to the global community through RYTHM Foundation.

Becoming a part of the QI Family seemed like the most natural thing for me then. Here, we are not known as QI staff, but as the QI Family. We don’t just work but also serve for a greater cause with our colleagues in the many offices globally. When I first joined, we operated in a much smaller office space with only four communications department mates. As the team got bigger and the group evolved into a global multinational conglomerate, I grew with QI, taking up photography and videography in addition to my role as a graphic designer.

It’s evident that QI does not confine employees to a single job scope, but provides each and every one of us with the opportunity to explore, learn and bring out the best of ourselves, to become better individuals professionally and personally. When we are at our best and feeling happy, we are able to be more creative and productive at work. This is definitely possible here in QI, with a great work environment, good employee benefits and work flexibility.

People often say that photographs are able to freeze memories, I am really fortunate to be the one capturing QI’s best moments and events. I’m definitely looking forward to being in service for many more years to come. I also hope to train young talents, so that my skills in photography, videography and graphic design do not end with me, but will continue to capture and feature QI creatively!”

Yusri Din was among 20 of QI Group’s global employees who received the QI Heroes award for making a significant impact to the organisation with outstanding dedication, excellent service, and going above & beyond to live RYTHM in action!