QI is a people-first organisation. The company genuinely cares about each one of us. Throughout my 20 years with the QI Group, I have experienced this. And that is what has kept me going all these years.

I joined the company initially in India, as a fresh graduate straight out of college. I interviewed for a role in the Customer Response Team for the Indian subsidiary at that time. Even though it was my first job, it was obvious to me that a culture of service towards our customers was very important to the company.

Over the last two decades, I have grown exponentially as a person. I’m grateful for the many opportunities given to me in terms of training, career development, and exposure that have transformed me personally and professionally. I started in customer service and then moved to a different role in the training and development department continuing to work closely with our customers. In the last decade, I had the opportunity to move from India to Malaysia and I have been a part of the office of the Director of Internal Audit, Ms. Pushpam Appalanaidu who has been a mentor and guide to me. She has really helped me through the many highs and lows of my life.

I am fortunate that all my bosses have always encouraged me to interact and work with other departments to learn about the many different sides to our business. Also, the leadership of the company has always been open to suggestions and recommendations – they take time to listen to each of us. All this has really helped with improving my interpersonal skills.

Most importantly, the principles of RYTHM followed by the QI Group have helped me gain a deeper awareness for the elements that make us human.


Sumesh Kumar completed 20 years with the QI Group in 2021. He is an Assistant Manager of the Executive Chairman’s office and is based in Malaysia.