The QI Group reinforced its position of driving a sustainable Asian agenda through transformation and innovation in building a robust post-COVID Asia.

Our Founder and Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaran Co-Chaired the Horasis Asia Meeting 2021 held virtually for the second time. In a plenary discussion focused on reshaping the new Asia, especially in a post-Covid world, he emphasised that Asia can be an influential powerhouse with its many regional hubs like India, China, and the Far Eastern bloc of Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and the ASEAN. He pointed out that the region needs to develop its own philosophy and take a leaf out of the economic blocs being built around the world.

Other panellists at the session included Oki Matsumoto, Chairman, Monex Group from Japan, Herbert Chen Wu, Managing Director of The Economist Global Business Review in China, and Neeraj Kulshrestha, the Chief Regulatory Officer of the Bombay Stock Exchange in India. Pranjal Sharma, Contributing Editor, Business Standard, India, chaired the meeting.

The takeaways from the discussion highlighted that Asia is transitioning, and markets need to adopt innovation, leverage opportunities, and work their way around geopolitics to build a more resilient era. Policymakers need to engage with business stakeholders for more inclusive business models that can interact regionally and globally.


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Asia can be a formidable powerhouse, post Pandemic: Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran


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