The next thing I knew, I had started my career in the QI Group as an Assistant Cashier. As I look back all these years later, truly, I could not have found a better place to work.

The work environment, work-life balance, the support given to enhance our skills, and the varied experiences, are simply unique and truly valuable. I was given many opportunities and great exposure and space to grow. My role evolved from Assistant Cashier to Benefits and Compensation Assistant, then to Human Resources and Administration Assistant, and nearly two decades later, I am now the Head of HR for our Philippines operations.

There is one important difference between working in any other corporate organisation and being a part of the QI family. Elsewhere, you work; but in QI, We Serve. This office is home to me, and my colleagues are my family. Here, employees are recognised for our effort, be it the creative solutions we bring forth or the extra mile we put in to get things done.

I’m proud to be a part of the QI Family for 23 years now. QI focuses on organisational growth, as well as encourages employees to grow with the company.”

Melisa Bagay Cruz is the Head of Human Resource and General Services in the Philippines. She strives to mentor young talent in the company and encourage them to become the best version of themselves to make the world a better place.