I have seen us transform into this amazing multinational conglomerate in the last two decades. A company that believes in the potential of its people.

We have come a long way, migrating from accepting manual application forms and entering that into our database, to a 100% e-commerce platform. I’m truly proud to have been a part of this evolution and contributing to this journey that has shaped the QI Group today. I am particularly proud of the role I played in building the back-end technology of our e-commerce platform that allows us to serve our customers better. I’ve had numerous opportunities to learn, grow and evolve with the company, along with the rapid changes in how we use technology.

The most important thing to me is that QI is a big family. Our colleagues look out for us just like family members would. They push us to reach our true potential. When I encounter challenges at work, I don’t have to deal with it alone. My colleagues come together, and we pool our efforts to solve it as a team. Our senior management team is not just interested in leading. They invest time and effort into grooming and mentoring us. I am constantly pushed by my head of department to attend trainings or workshops to gain new knowledge and expand my horizons.

The company has given me room to grow and evolve to better myself with each passing year. I used to be shy and very reserved. But due to the constant encouragement given to speak up, and share input that helps add value to the company, I have now become more confident and feel that I have developed good leadership qualities. This is the kind of support every young professional needs. Someone to believe in them and their capabilities. I thank QI for the faith shown in me 19 years ago, and today for the person I am.”

Jack Wong is our IT warrior based in the Hong Kong office