A private university established under the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996 and currently based at its interim campus in Ipoh, Perak’s largest city, the university aims to become a model research institution with strategic global links that deliver quality programmes and interdisciplinary research of international standing.


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In April 2011, the group partnered with the Perak government in Malaysia, and Quest International University (QIU) opened its doors to students. 

QIU offers various foundation, degree and postgraduate courses in fields including, among others, Medicine & Surgery, Pharmacy, Business Management, Actuarial Sciences, Culinary Arts, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Technology, Hotel Management, Information Technology, Accountancy, Psychology, Mass Communication, Corporate Communications, Teaching English as a Second Language, Early Childhood Education, Computer Science, Finance, Hospitality Management, Mechatronics Engineering, Biotechnology, Special Needs Education, Information Technology.

With experienced, passionate and industry-savvy educators from Malaysia and abroad, the university provides quality academic courses while maintaining affordability. It has an international advisory board comprising renowned academicians and prominent public and business figures.

In a changing world and job market, QIU prides itself on producing a conducive learning environment with hands-on and relevant courses that create well-rounded young adults with the skills and confidence needed to chart a life course that follows their passions and achieves their goals, be it in the corporate sector or in the entrepreneurial world.

Research and innovation are QIU’s primary tenets, with researchers pursuing fields of study that focus on making a difference in the world. QIU academics work on projects like creating sustainable construction material using recycled material, using Malaysian flora to cure diabetes-related complications, and helping farmers increase crop yield. Students at the university benefit by gaining first-hand knowledge of ground-breaking research working alongside a dedicated team of educators.

Inculcating a social conscience into the students is an inherent part of QIU’s culture, with students participating in community service or volunteering their time for good causes. Students put the skills they learn to good use, with Pharmacy students, for example, performing pharmaceutical care at homes for the elderly, and medical undergraduates conducting free health screenings for the underprivileged.

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A private university established and currently based at its interim campus in Ipoh, Perak

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