QI Group Managing Director, Mr. Joseph Bismark was featured in an exclusive interview on Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia, on February 28, 2011. During the interview, Mr. Bismark spoke about the recent launch of his book, The Gem Collection, which was initially available as brief, thought pieces on the intranet, to motivate company employees. It was only much later that his writings were compiled into a book.

The interview provided a rare insight into Mr. Bismark’s life, as he took the opportunity to share with viewers the story of his early life and childhood, which was spent in an ashram. It was at the ashram that he gained life experiences and begin to understand the importance of spirituality in life.

Mr Bismark strongly believes that the value of life is determined by one’s spiritual growth, rather than the amount of wealth one acquires. To watch the full interview and find out how his unique views and practices influence his management style within the QI Group, click here.