The QI Group has recently invested USD 650,000 into the Quest International University to support the development of innovative tech-based projects that will change the way we do business. This partnership aims to combine the expertise of both organisations and create novel solutions for various stakeholders. 

The two-year journey, formalised with an MoU, will start with the development of a Global Events Management System (GEMS) by QIU. This advanced platform aims to simplify the planning and execution of various events across both entities, offering cost savings, operational consistency, and improved user experience for both organisers and participants. 

Another promising initiative is the AI Upline project, which will use artificial intelligence to provide customised and gamified coaching, training, and empowerment for our direct selling business QNET’s distributors. This project also aims to improve the efficiency of the corporate support system to the network by automating and optimising business processes. 

Another intriguing project in the pipeline involves updating our financial platforms, such as the Digital Wallet and Digital Payment Systems, to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital finance landscape. These platforms will offer more convenience, security, and accessibility worldwide for our customers and partners. 

Besides these technological innovations, we are working with QIU on a strategic educational programme that will equip QIU students and graduates with top-notch skills in cloud technologies and cybersecurity. This programme will anticipate the future needs of the job market and prepare QIU graduates for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Through this partnership, we show our dedication to innovation and excellence while developing the young minds of tomorrow. 

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QI Group, QIU in pact for “cutting-edge” projects