The QI Group has been an active member of Horasis, an international Think Tank since 2016. Our Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaran has been a regular participant and speaker at various Horasis events, alongside global business and thought leaders as well as heads of government.

This year at the Horasis Asia Meeting held virtually for the first time, Eswaran spoke at the plenary session The Impact of the U.S Presidential Election Across Asia. It was a very engaging session with distinguished panellists sharing their optimism on the new U.S presidency.

Eswaran believes the new U.S president would be interested in building bridges instead of walls with its trading partners. He highlighted the importance of China being the factory of the world and that decoupling of the USA and China will not benefit either side economically. Eswaran also hopes to see more coherent policies by the USA in terms of its dealing with global trading and investment partners.


Watch the full discussion of the plenary session here.

The Impact of the U.S Presidential Election Across Asia plenary session was chaired by Cod Satrusayang, Editor in Chief of Thai Enquirer in Thailand.

Other panellists included:

  • Harry Hui, Founder and Managing Partner, ClearVue Partners, China
  • Gunjan Sinha, Chairman, MetricStream, USA
  • Ron Somers, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, India First Group, USA