QI Group was the strategic partner at the one-day National Education and Learning Summit 2020 organised by KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific, held in Kuala Lumpur on 28 July. The aim of the Summit was to discuss the challenges faced by education sector in the face of the global pandemic and brainstorm ideas to embrace the new normal with a shift to virtual learning.

The Summit, themed – “Living With Vision 2020 Education,” brought together about 150 education experts, educationalists, policy makers and leaders of the industry, providing an opportunity for those with a passion for education to give their insights on current progress and obstacles faced by the Malaysian education sector. It also provided a unique opportunity for stakeholders from the private, public sectors as well as the third sector to deliberate matters concerning education and devise a new path forward. The Summit was officiated by Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Higher Education Dato Mansor Othman.

Leading the QI Group’s presence at this Summit was Quest International University (QIU) Vice-Chancellor, Professor Zita Mohd Fahmi who was part of a distinguished line up of panellists for the Vice-Chancellors session entitled “Ensuring the Relevance of Tertiary Education in an Industry 4.0 World”. Other members of the panel included Academician Senior Professor Dato’ Dr. Khalid Yusoff, Vice-Chancellor and President, UCSI University, Professor Dr. Lily Chan, Chief Executive of Wawasan Open University, Mr Tay Kay Luan, Vice-Chancellor of International University of Malaya-Wales and Professor Graham Kendall, Provost and CEO, University of Nottingham Malaysia.

Moderated by Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary Ahmad, Founder President and CEO, Asia e-University, the panel discussed whether the present and current conventional forms of education meet the needs of tomorrow, as well as the lessons that can be learnt from the impact of Covid-19 on our education and learning process.

Professor Zita pointed out that many countries are now experiencing industrial transformation on an unprecedented scale with the interrelated pillars of IR4.0 and the movement towards smart industry. She also explained how universities and institutions of higher learning can translate the pillars into programmes, adding that Covid-19 gave us no choice as the lockdown situation made us prepare for IR4.0 overnight.

She emphasised that Quality Assurance (QA) system must play a pivotal role in the future transformation of Malaysia’s education system. She also stressed that whether the education provided is online or in a conventional classroom, the quality should be the same, emphasizing that QA is an important instrument in designing and delivering a programme.  To produce top-quality students, education institutions must always ensure that their teaching methods are up to date, meeting the latest requirements and standards.  A high-quality graduate is one who is competent, technologically advanced, globally acknowledged and a lifelong learner.

Also present at the Summit were QI Directors Mr. Krishna Kumar, Ms. Boey Kho, Ms. Pushpam Appalanaidu and QIU Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Nicholas Goh.


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