Congratulations to QI Group’s social impact initiative, RYTHM Foundation and our Malaysian football club, PJ City FC on their collaboration to launch Jaguh RF, together with two other local partners, MySkills Foundation and MyPJ.

Jaguh RF is a development programme aimed at boys in their early teenage from low-income families who are less academically inclined. The programme includes a combination of activities aimed at the holistic development of these boys. The highlight of the programme is the focus on using football to channel the energy and potential of the participants in a positive way.

In its inception phase, Jaguh RF has been launched as a three-year programme which started in April 2021 helping 40 boys aged around 13 years from underserved communities in Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia.

“Sports is a potent driver for social change in many communities around the world. And with Malaysians’ love for football, we believe we can use it as a tool to build a trust base with these boys and work on behaviour change. It’s a powerful tool to promote a sense of belonging, fair play, and respect among the youth. And for many of these young boys, sports provides a safe space for them to escape the sometimes harsh realities of their lives which include poverty and social exclusion,” said Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran, Chairperson of the RYTHM Foundation while announcing the launch of Jaguh RF.

Jaguh RF was officially launched at an event in our operational headquarters, QI Tower, where the four partners signed an MoU to mark the occasion.  In addition to RYTHM Foundation Chairperson, Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran, others present at the event included President of PJ City FC, Dato Sri Subahan Kamal; Advisor of MyPJ, Mr. Jeffrey Phang; and Director of MySkills Foundation, Mr. Pasupathi Sithamparam.

MySkills Foundation is the capability training provider for Jaguh RF focussing on character development. MyPJ, a local community organisation, is the ground partner which will help identify the youth who can benefit from this programme.

Jaguh RF also fits well with PJ City FC’s vision to develop local talent and youth through sports. Read more on why PJ City FC fully supports Jaguh RF.