The QI Group believes in investing in local communities by providing support to youth from low income and underserved neighbourhoods. Petaling Jaya City Football Club was born out of the vision of our Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaran to bring back the glory days of Malaysian football by identifying and training young boys with talent to become sports professionals and serve as role models in their community.

PJ City FC’s connection with the QI Group goes back a decade when the club was still in the Malaysian third division, and QI Group Founder Vijay Eswaran pledged to back it full-time if it made it to the Super League. In 2019, the team which till then were underdogs, qualified for the Malaysian Super League and the QI Group kept its promise. In 2019, the newly acquired team was renamed Petaling Jaya City Football Club, after the vibrant city of Petaling Jaya in Malaysia, where the QI Group has had an operational base for more than 20 years.

In line with our commitment to the community, the QI Group has since spent RM2.7 million (USD 614,000) to refurbish the Club’s home ground, the Petaling Jaya Stadium in the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

Today, PJ City FC players proudly sport the QNET logo on their team jerseys as they go out to conquer the field. The QI Group’s support for PJ City FC goes beyond mere corporate sponsorship. This is our investment in the youth and a commitment to developing our community. The company aims to build a genuinely community-centric team reflecting the proud city of Petaling Jaya.

PJ City FC is primarily made up of young men who have neither the opportunity nor the aptitude for higher education but possess talent and skills that need to be channelled positively. By turning these young men into champions with a passion for excellence, the QI Group intends to create role models for the 13 million football fans in Malaysia.

In addition to the main team competing in the Super League, PJ City FC also has the President Team (Under 21) and the Belia Team (Under 19).

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