Green travel is possible – Going green demands absolute commitment, and Prana is proof that sustainability and travel can coexist together.

From affordable to luxury, many resorts are making efforts to make their practices more environmentally friendly. Prana Resort is no exception! We are committed to improving the quality of our guests’ experience and celebrating life. However, global warming is real and thus poses a massive threat to our world. As a result, long-term action is required to conserve the stunning landscapes within which our resort is located. That’s why we’ve made a big commitment to reduce our environmental impact and improve the long-term viability of the services we provide.

In the race to save our world, we aim to ensure that all our guests have the best possible experience while leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. This is evident in the replacement of every single plastic item (water bottles and plastic straws) with biodegradable or reusable alternatives. In addition, we know that the transition to more certified sustainable and healthier cuisine provides travellers with the opportunity to better connect with the places they visit. We are glad to say that the majority of ingredients used by our chefs are locally sourced to reduce carbon footprint and support the local community.

Giving back is vital to us as a company, and we’re proud of the impact we’re having on the Koh Samui community. As part of our culture, we make sure our daily beach clean-ups are on point. This helps to reduce litter and plastic waste, ensuring a clean and safe holiday for our guests. We also take on the responsibility of assisting schools, temples, and hospitals in their efforts to raise funds for worthy causes.

As we lead by example, we encourage our guests to follow our lead in contributing and keeping Koh Samui’s natural beauty alive.