The Present is already Green

QI Tower in Malaysia is QI Group’s operational headquarters. In 2013, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore awarded its prestigious Green Mark Gold award to the 15-storey building.

This was in recognition of its best practices in environmental design and performance, which meets requirements for energy and water efficiency, building management, indoor environmental quality and innovation.

While the award is a feather in the Group’s cap, it is more importantly a testament to our green philosophy. When QI Group purchased the building in 2010, we decided it had to be modified in line with our goal of sustainability, leading not only to cost savings but a better and healthier environment for our staff.

It took years, but QI Tower now stands tall and, in a manner of speaking, green. It is Malaysia’s first high-rise to be awarded the Green Mark Gold award, with savings of at least 20 percent in energy and resources such as water.