5,899 km from home, inspiring the global community through social media!

“I never knew that I would be here, 5,899km from home: Kazakhstan, building a social media family for the QI Group with over 20k followers from my region now and bringing so much meaning to the lives of individuals, families and groups around the world.

I’m humbled by the social impact we make in various communities globally, through our Staff Social Responsibility activities and campaigns. Little do our customers know that every product or service they spend on, contributes to the needs of underprivileged communities around the world. From feeding the hungry, creating a better learning environment for students, helping rural communities sustain their lives, to creating opportunities for the differently abled and leaving a better environment for the future generation, QI Group truly cares. I am also proud to say that the content I create can inspire, empower and turn followers into community leaders who are able to make a difference in their very own way, as they journey with us.”

Dina Kaliyeva – Social Media Executive (RCIS)