I joined the QI Group in 2004 and my time here has completely transformed me. I was one of those who felt safe inside their comfort zone, fearful of trying anything new, just coasting along. I also used to be short tempered because I didn’t have a lot of patience. All that changed completely since I began my journey with the QI Family.

I not only overcame my fear of trying new things or handling something that was out of my job scope, I feel that I have also become a better person outside of work. I have learnt patience, how to talk to different type of people, how to handle difficult situations without feeling overwhelmed. Today, I consider see all my colleagues as family, and I try my best to approach even the toughest person to become their buddy.

Professionally, I have covered multiple roles ranging from office administration, purchasing, event and logistics, and office maintenance to managing support staff. I have had the best opportunities to learn and grow and also  learn so much from my mistakes. In my personal opinion, I feel like I went from zero to hero, since I had to take interest in things that I never cared about before.

QI has not only helped me grow career wise, but it also taught me that when we challenge ourselves, take the initiative to learn, and put our all into what we do, we can manage anything that comes our way. As the saying goes, if life give you lemons, make lemonades!


Sharifah Asikin has been with the QI Group for 16 years and she is our Senior Administrative Executive with QI’s Corporate Services & Administrative Support Department. She is based in Malaysia.