Recently, the QI Group’s education arm, Quest International University, joined hands with RYTHM Foundation (RF), our social impact initiative, to launch the QIU Community Impact Programme (CIP). 

This initiative seeks to inculcate a culture of community ownership and service in the young students, while helping the local community by bringing resources and support areas of need. 

Speaking at the programme’s launch event, our Executive Chairman, Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, said, “as citizens and leaders of tomorrow, we want to ensure our staff and students develop academic and professional skills. We want to cultivate a sense of ethical, social, and environmental responsibility towards the societies they will serve.”    

You can watch his inspiring speech here: 

At the same event, Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran, RYTHM Foundation’s Chairperson, also shared that the Foundation’s focus is to go beyond social responsibility and emphasise long-term, sustainable development among underserved communities.  

QIU’s CIP is already sowing its roots towards building a better tomorrow as many projects are underway, including digital and financial literacy workshops for single mothers operating home-based micro-enterprises, academic coaching for students from underprivileged households, soup kitchens, and public health campaigns. 

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