Nestled in the small coastal town of Koh Samui, Thailand, sits the QI Group’s idyllic, eco-friendly haven, Prana Resort Nandana. With a palm-lined beach fringed by azure blue water just steps away from its spacious rooms, a getaway at Prana promises an unforgettable tropical luxury experience.   

However, besides its beautiful views, amenities and famous Thai hospitality, what sets apart our award-winning resort is its various sustainable and eco-friendly practices that have struck a chord with conscious travellers.  

The term ‘conscious travel’ refers to mindfully approaching travel activities, as many people are looking to reduce their carbon footprints and enjoy holidays responsibly. Current tourism trends have revealed that nearly 70% of travellers expect the industry to offer more eco-friendly travel options.  

Prana makes it a priority to provide guests with a memorable vacation with a minimal carbon footprint. Sustainable practices such as paperless check-ins/transactions, the use of biodegradable products, and locally sourced, farm-to-table ingredients for food and drinks have long been integrated into the resort.   

The resort staff also carry out regular, weekly beach clean-ups to ensure that litter left behind on the beach and surrounding areas do not end up as marine waste.   

In 2022, our resort’s eco-friendly practices earned the Green Hotel Standard (Gold) recognition from Thailand’s Department of Environmental Quality Promotion and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.   

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