The QI Group is a Global Growth Member of the World Economic Forum and at the 13th East Asia Summit held in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, QI was represented by its Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaran and Director of Business Development, JR Mayer.

The key debate during the 2-day summit that attracts Heads of State and senior executives from major corporations in the region was – How can Asia lead the world?

Vijay Eswaran spoke at a session titled – The Bonds Binding Asia: Are There Common Denominators? 

This interactive session lasted nearly 2 hours and allowed Mr.Eswaran to make some very strong points about the Asian family values system and service ethic which he believes are unique to the region and help us, forge ahead of the west. The session moderated by Prof.Yoko Ishikura from the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy in Japan turned into a lively debate between the panelists, Vipul Shah from Dow Chemicals, Pierre E. Cohade from Goodyear and Hobart Lee Epstein from Tong Yang Securities, Korea in addition to Mr.Eswaran.

His remarks made a very strong impact on the audience and he also expressed his views on camera at the Forum’s special video corner calledDavos Debates in East Asia, which is broadcast on Youtube.

Mr.Eswaran answers the question “How can Asia lead the world?” here.

Vijay Eswaran, among the panelists at the East Asia Summit